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Laramie, Wy

January 20th - 21st

( ) Denotes number of years
High School First Name Last Name Voice Part
Big Piney Dwaine Kenney Tenor II
Buffalo Hannah Danielson (4) Alto II
Buffalo Joy Gilbert (2) Soprano II
Buffalo Zane Hengel (2) Bass I
Buffalo Nolan Leibee (4) Tenor II
Buffalo Kevin Medders (2) Bass II
Buffalo Jeremy Shiver Tenor I
Buffalo Spencer Walters (4) Bass I
Burns Eli Childers Bass II
Burns Eldon Kelly Tenor II
Campbell Co. Benjamin Breinholt (3) Tenor II
Campbell Co. Alex Carson (4) Tenor II
Campbell Co. Colin Davis (2) Tenor II
Campbell Co. Aubrey Horning (2) Alto1
Campbell Co. Brandon Record(2) Tenor I
Campbell Co. Jessi Runyon Soprano II
Campbell Co. Jessica Staples (2) Alto1
Campbell Co. Daniel Tolman Tenor II
Campbell Co. Eli Voigt (3) Tenor I
Central Kourtney Hess Alto II
Central Francesca Hinkle Soprano II
Central Jasmine Holian Alto II
Central Matthew Kent (2) Tenor II
Central Henry Little Bass I
Central Jayden Poulignot (3) Soprano I
Central Katherine Riedl (4) Soprano I
Cody James Anderson (3) Tenor I
Cody Paige Ballard Alto1
Cody Sara Cappiello Soprano II
Cody Brittany Chapman (3) Alto1
Cody Caden Crooks Bass I
Cody Jonathan Crooks Tenor II
Cody Brooke George (2) Alto II
Cody Jillian George (2) Soprano II
Cody Rachael Mrozinsky (4) Soprano I
Cody Kirianne Palmer (2) Alto1
Cody Wayne Sides (2) Bass I
Cody Nathaniel Welch Tenor II
Cokeville Nathan Cook Bass II
Cokeville Alex Dayton Bass I
Cokeville Elizabeth Dayton Alto II
Cokeville Jonathan Fiscus Tenor II
Cokeville Jace Petersen (3) Bass II
Cokeville McKaela Weston Soprano II
Douglas Josh Bartling Bass II
Douglas Cally Collins (4) Soprano I
Douglas Marcus Frye Tenor I
Douglas Mikaela Sanchez Soprano II
East Gretchen Carlson Soprano II
East Hannah Green (3) Soprano I
East Hannah Heying Soprano I
East Rachel Marston (2) Soprano I
East Kytrul Roof Tenor II
Evanston Devin Short Bass I
Glenrock Ashley Eldred (2) Alto1
Glenrock Johnathon Finch Tenor II
Glenrock Gideon Williams Tenor I
Green River Sydney Burbank (2) Soprano I
Green River Katelynn Carter Alto1
Green River Kayla Gibson (2) Alto II
Green River Katarina Knight (2) Alto1
Hulett Erin Perry (3) Alto II
Jackson Hole Gabriella Castro Soprano II
Jackson Hole Melissa Elliott Alto1
Jackson Hole Makina Waatti Soprano II
Kelly Walsh Samantha Allen (3) Soprano II
Kelly Walsh Bret Andrew (2) Tenor I
Kelly Walsh Keegan Beamer (3) Bass II
Kelly Walsh Alyssa Burton Soprano I
Kelly Walsh Roy Cady-Kimble Bass I
Kelly Walsh Seth Chambers (3) Bass I
Kelly Walsh Zephaniah Connell (3) Tenor I
Kelly Walsh Hunter Davila Bass II
Kelly Walsh Nathan Day (3) Tenor II
Kelly Walsh Allyn Harris (2) Soprano II
Kelly Walsh Christopher Hawley Bass II
Kelly Walsh Caleb Hopman Bass II
Kelly Walsh Ian Moter Bass I
Kelly Walsh Isaac Riley (2) Tenor I
Kelly Walsh Jordan Roan (2) Tenor II
Kelly Walsh Matthew Smith Bass I
Kelly Walsh Michaela Tuft (3) Alto1
Kelly Walsh Mykaela Wegner Soprano I
Kelly Walsh Austin Wilcox (2) Bass I
Lander Valley Kennedy Thatch Alto1
Laramie Kevin Baldwin (2) Tenor I
Laramie Alexandra Briere Alto1
Laramie Darian Cunningham-Hill Soprano I
Laramie William Kozlowski (2) Tenor II
Laramie Kate Pierce (2) Soprano II
Laramie Lora Sherrodd Soprano II
Lingle/Ft. Laramie Brittany Anderson Alto II
Lingle/Ft. Laramie Emily Bahmer (2) Soprano I
Lingle/Ft. Laramie Natalie Booth (2) Alto II
Lovell Emilie Asay Alto II
Lovell Afton George Alto II
Lovell Jordan Harper Alto II
Lovell Madison Harper Alto II
Lovell Kaitlyn Mickelson Soprano II
Lovell Dylan Ohman Bass I
Lovell Drake Welch Tenor I
Lyman Brandon Jaggi (2) Bass II
Lyman Saylem Phillips (4) Bass I
Mountain View Mitchel Anderson Bass I
Mountain View Kyla Hoopes Alto1
Mountain View Austin Houskeeper Bass I
Mountain View Rylan Kellum Bass I
Mountain View Maegon Larsen Alto1
Natrona Co. Nathan Brown (2) Bass II
Natrona Co. Ian Champion Bass I
Natrona Co. Kiley O'Neil Soprano I
Natrona Co. Ashton Osborne Alto II
Natrona Co. Corrine Paschal (2) Alto1
Natrona Co. Charles Rich Tenor I
Natrona Co. Mariah Spearman Soprano II
Natrona Co. Mackenzie Stirling Alto II
Newcastle Emma Anderson Alto1
Newcastle Daniel Caress Tenor II
Newcastle Carissa Deming (2) Alto II
Newcastle Casey Hall Soprano II
Powell Cody Akin Bass II
Powell Robert Bleak Tenor II
Powell Emma Hanlin (2) Soprano I
Powell Pax Mitchell (3) Bass I
Powell Alexa Smith Soprano I
Powell Aspen Smith Soprano I
Powell Nicholas Tracy (2) Tenor II
Powell Ben Wetzel (2) Bass II
Powell Quin Wetzel (3) Tenor II
Rawlins Blake Proberts (3) Bass I
Rawlins Jaycie Roberson Alto II
Riverton David Gard Bass I
Riverton Courtney Olson (2) Soprano II
Rock Springs Jose Tapia Gonzalez (2) Bass II
Rocky Mountain Casey Banks (2) Bass II
Rocky Mountain Gerardo Beltran Tenor I
Rocky Mountain Jake Loyning (2) Bass II
Sheridan Brynn Bateman Alto II
Sheridan Sarah Campbell (2) Soprano II
Sheridan Micah Cornell Alto II
Sheridan Carson Holwell Soprano I
Sheridan Benjamin Lecholat Bass II
Sheridan Kodi MacDonnell Tenor I
Sheridan Kori MacDonnell Tenor I
Sheridan Natalie Magera (3) Soprano I
Sheridan James Malles Bass II
Sheridan Frannie Weitzel (2) Alto1
South Mekeiya Grigsby Alto1
South Jacob Hrasky Tenor II
South Jon Svare (3) Tenor II
Southeast Colten Wilson Bass I
Star Valley Kylie Erickson Soprano II
Star Valley Rae Fullmer Soprano II
Star Valley Kellen Hansen Tenor I
Star Valley Kirsten Hansen (2) Alto1
Star Valley Crys Hoopes Soprano I
Star Valley Heather Hoopes Soprano II
Star Valley Sydney Inskeep Alto1
Star Valley Annie Johnson (2) Alto II
Star Valley Megan Johnson Soprano I
Star Valley Daniel Lechner (2) Tenor I
Star Valley Emma Oesch Soprano I
Star Valley Ryan Phillips (2) Bass II
Star Valley Brennan Robinson (2) Bass II
Star Valley Emma Walker (2) Alto II
Star Valley Matthew Williams (2) Tenor I
Sundance Cole Inghram (2) Tenor II
Sundance Morgan Ward Soprano II
Twin Spruce JHS Jaylen Baxter Tenor I
Twin Spruce JHS Lauren Crowe Soprano I
Twin Spruce JHS Ryan Dickey Bass II
Worland Garrett Compton (3) Tenor II
Worland Mackenzie Cottrell Alto1
Worland Elizabeth Craft (3) Alto1
Worland Sariah Durrant Alto1
Worland Jacob Garza (2) Bass II
Worland Quinton Migneault Tenor I
Wright Kodi French (2) Bass I
Wright Trey Nemec (2) Tenor I
Wright Kiley Segelke Alto II


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