Wyoming High School Activities Association

2017-2018 Football Officials(s) Contract


     This contract between      high school of    Wyoming, and registered official(s) of the Wyoming High School Activities Association. The said official(s) agree to be present and officiate a game/match/meet/tournament at Wyoming, on 20 , at , vs high school of , Wyoming.

In consideration of said services, the above school will pay the said official(s) on the date of the contest.

  Game/Match/Meet/Tournament Fee $ per this contract $
  Driver Mileage: miles round trip @ 57.5 cents * $
  Per Diem (driver & rider(s)): miles @ .04 x officials $

*- Mileage will be based upon the Wyoming state rate in January 2017

     The official(s) agree that this sum shall cover all of his/her claims arising from this contract. It is

further agreed that if either party fails to fulfill the obligation of this contract, other than through acts of

nature, that party shall pay to the other party the sum of ONE GAME FEE as damages and the

violation shall be reported to the WHSAA.

     The parties to this contract acknowledge that the officials' services provided to the school

herein are provided as a service by an independent contractor, and that it is not the intent of the parties

to enter into either a full-time or part-time employment contract, and that the undersigned official is not

an employee of the school either under the common law or for purposes of federal taxation.

     Signed this _______________________ day of _____________________________ 20 __________

Assignor: __________________________________________________________________________

Officials(s): ________________________________________________________________________