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Congratulations to this years WIAAA Award Winners

2018 MS / AD Of The Year - Max Mills
2018 AD Of The Year - Bubba O'Neill

Dan Mitchelson - NIAAA Distinguished Service Award Nominee
Cliff Hill - WIAAA Nancy Nakahara Distinguished Service Award
Trevor Wilson - WIAAA NFHS Citation Nominee

2018 Distinguished Service Award By a Non-Member - Jeb Easterbrook

2018 Distinguished Service Award By a Non-Member - Terry Nelson

Hopefully everyone is getting back into the swing of school after an exciting summer filled with rest and relaxation!  Let me begin by wishing your students, school, community and you the best of luck this year!  

The Wyoming Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association, WIAAA, has been hard at work this past year restructuring our organization.  We are adding to our Board of Directors!  Each WHSAA District will have 1 representative from each classification (4A, 3A, 2A, and 1A).  We will also include a Middle School AD from each District.  We are making these changes to increase involvement of our AD’s in the WIAAA and to better serve our AD’s throughout the state.  We want to give our AD’s a voice in the decisions making process and increase our involvement in finding solutions to issues that surround Wyoming and our students, such as reclassification.



The NIAAA Board of Directors enhanced the commendation criteria beginning this year to include either:

1) Improving NIAAA membership of your state by at least 10 % over the previous year, or

2) to maintain NIAAA membership of at least 70 % the high schools belonging to the respective athletic/activities association.

This year, 7 states qualified in both areas: (Arizona, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Virginia, Wyoming).

Kudos to Connecticut, Hawaii and Rhode Island, the only 3 states to qualify every year since a commendation program began in 1991.